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Schaf Skin Care

We Put Our Skin Through Hell. It's Payback Time.
Sun. Wind. Pollution. Rain. Cold. Our skin is exposed to the same harsh conditions as patio furniture. It takes a lot of abuse, and how do we thank it? We slather it with harsh toxins and irritants. Schaf products contain everything your skin wants and nothing it doesn’t. Everything that works and nothing that won't. We believe in thanking our skin with only the finest ingredients. Because it is indeed payback time.

It's time to cut the crap.
Our products contain a unique blend of plant extracts formulated to clean, nurture, and protect your skin. 
All Schăf products are also based on the science of hydration, with an oil-free moisture binding component that is equally effective on oily or dry skin, and especially for those with sensitive skin.
Skin sensitivities can be attributed to a long list of toxins, sensitizers and irritants found in most skin care brands - whether they are natural or not. These ingredients include synthetic preservatives, sulfates, dyes, parabens, petroleum, mineral oil, silicone, and even essential oils ... and one of the worst offenders, fragrance - all of which we believe are at the core of just about every skin problem.
We believe that in order to achieve clear, healthy and happy skin, a simple, less-is-more practice using irritant and toxin-free products to clean and nurture skin needs to be followed to break the cycle of overstimulation, and reset skin's natural balance and regeneration system.

Promises are great unless they’re broken. We never break a promise.

We’re committed to improving the health and appearance of your skin with products that work for everyone—men and women, oily or dry, sensitive or not.   We believe in our products and stand behind them through and through.

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