Beard Octane BEARD OIL Coburned

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Beard Octane

Beard Oil - Coburned

Strength, Motivation & Chest Kicks.  This is what this Collaboration is all about.  Here at Beard Octane, we pride ourselves in both our professional & personal life with performing acts of kindness for others, as well as trying to make this world a better place.  We don't take "No" as an excuse, and failure is not an option.  This is the backbone of this Collab with Joshua Coburn & Cynn Coburn.  Joshua & Cynn are an inspiration to all walks of life.  They spend countless hours sharing their personal hardships, and inspiring a positive revolution for others.  Their mission is to help others overcome limitations, clarify purpose, and live to their true potential.  

When I had the opportunity to finally to meet both Joshua & Cynn for the first time in 2019, it was as if we grew up together.  This is the power of Joshua & Cynn, they treat everyone like family.  We talked about goals, struggles, and just life in general while sharing some of our favorite Cigars.  Our bond grew and we then went to work on this collaboration.  From the hand-drawn artwork on the labeling, distinct colors, and a break-away from our 'traditional' Beard Octane appearance.  This is definitely one you will want in your Beard Care Arsenal! 


Super smooth hints of Vanilla infused with a touch of rum, hand rolled into a cigar. 


The Beard Octane Beard Oil is made with only the highest quality, all natural oils.  Our beard oil is lightweight, and was cultivated after nearly two years worth of research, trial, and development.  Our beard oil is designed to promote healthy beard growth, without leaving your beard feeling greasy.  Your beard will be moisturized and left with an amazing soft feel afterwards.  All of our beard care products are handmade in small batches to ensure the highest quality product available!


HOLD:  Light 

SHEEN:  Semi-Shine

SCENT STRENGTH:  Light - Medium

SCENT NOTES:  Hints of Vanilla, Rum & Hand Rolled Cigars

  • Smooth and Soften Your Beard
  • Shape & Tame Unruly Beard Hair
  • Remove Beard Itch
  • Encourage Beard Growth
  • Eliminate Frizziness
  • Moisturize Your Facial Fur
  • Give Your Beard a Non Greasy Finished Look
  • Step Your Beard Game Up

Size: All Beard Octane Beard Oils are packaged in one (1) ounce dark amber / brown glass bottles.  Some would say we only do this because they are much cheaper than other color glass bottles and we just want to maximize our profits and take the fast track to becoming rich.  Those people are 100% correct.  However, for the other people (and to sound like we thought this through), we use dark amber / brown glass bottles because they have been proven to filter out the sun's ultra violet light.  Ultra violet light will break down the beard oil ingredients, essentially destroying it over time.  We recommend storing your Beard Octane Beard Oil in a dark, cool place to prolong the awesomeness that is contained in each bottle.  

How to use: Utilizing the dropper cap, squeeze several droplets of Beard Octane Beard Oil into the palm of your hand.  We typically recommend a dime sized amount, or use more so you have to buy our product more frequently.  For best results, apply oil while beard is damp (approximately 74.6% dry).

• Rub the palms of your hands together, in a circular motion.  This is where the magic begins...stay focused.

• Gently, or aggressively for you tough guys, rub your hands on and through your beard.  Be sure to cover all portions of your beard and be sure to make contact with your skin with the oil.  This will help rid the common itchiness and flaky skin. 

• Utilize one of your Beard Octane Combs or Brushes to stylize your face.

• Go outside and benchpress a dump truck.

Ingredients: Beard Octane uses only the highest quality, all natural ingredients in each of it's beard care products.  In each of Beard Octane's Beard Oils, you'll find these amazing ingredients:

  • Aloe Extract
  • Argan Oil
  • Fractionated Coconut Oil
  • Hazelnut Oil
  • Jojoba Oil
  • Sweet Almond Oil
  • Vitamin E
  • Essential Fragrance Blends


  • All of our products are made in MERICA.  
  • All of our products are tested on Humans, NOT Animals.  
  • All of our oil products contain Tree Nut Oils & Natural Botanicals.  
  • All of our products are Phthalate free.
  • All of our bottles & jars are BPA free, with our jars being made of PET plastic.
  • If you have Allergies, test on a friend, then yourself before use, or you can do the logical thing and consult with your physician.
Made in USA