Shaving Brush Yaqi Moka Express Synthetic

$36.00 CAD

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Shaving Brushes

Superb quality and brand. The Yaqi Moka 24mm synthetic brush is a high performing beast ready to mix up a rich bowl full of lather. The super soft bristles are a pleasure to use with your favorite shave soap. Enhance your shave game with a quality brush and toss away that goo in a can for good. Your face will thank you.

  • Moka Express Model
  • 24mm Knot 
  • 52mm Loft
  • Moka Brown Resin Handle
  • Handle Height 54mm

Tip: Wash your new brush in shampoo before using. Rinse in warm water and hang upside down to dry. It is common to lose a few hairs during the break in period. With proper care your new brush will last many many years.