When Are You Too Old To Wear Jeans?

Bob Roman

Posted on October 08 2018

When Are You Too Old To Wear Jeans?



So the other day I’m at the mall with my daughter (she’s in her 20’s) and I’m looking to get a new pair of black jeans. I told her I’ll be at the Guess store and we’ll meet up later. She looks at me and says “you’re gonna buy Guess jeans ?” So I said, being the smart ass that I can sometimes be, that I looked at the mall directory and I didn’t any stores called “The Old Man Jean Shop”. But it got me thinking, Am I too old to wear jeans? Hell NO but I did pause and think of what type of jeans I should be buying. I came up with a few tips for us mature guys. 

 Today’s question is – When are too old to wear jeans? What a silly question. I love my jeans. They’re very comfortable, rugged and extremely versatile. Jeans are a great foundation towards building many different looks and should be a staple in your wardrobe regardless of your age. I’ve got 4 tips to make sure that you are looking good, confident and age appropriate in your jeans. 

Tip no. 1

I would avoid buying ripped jeans or anything that is overly distressed. Those can work for younger guys but you don’t want appear like you’re trying too hard to look younger. You won’t look younger and you might end just looking bad. The jeans I bought that day were black, slim fit and they’re got a little bit of stretch in them. I think any mature guy can pull these off and look great.

Tip no. 2

Don’t buy skinny jeans or overly baggy jeans. We want to avoid extremes. Skinny jeans lean towards a more youthful vibe, while baggy jeans ….well enough said. If you bought wide legs jeans a few years ago and they are still in your closet, it’s time to donate them. Wide leg jeans haven’t been in style for long time now so it’s time to let go.

Tip no. 3

Buy dark wash jeans or black jeans. In my opinion black jeans look the best on a mature man. And they are even more versatile than blue jeans. You can dress them up with a blazer and button up shirt or dress them down with a henley or a polo. White jeans are very situational. I’m think beach, vacation, oceanside, tropical. You get the idea. Paired with the right shirt and a dose of confidence, you can pull it off.

Tip no. 4

Make sure your jeans fit right. If they fit right, you’ll feel confident and confidence in important in pulling off any look. Slim fit or regular fit is usually gonna work for most mature guys and is on trend for 2018. My suggestion when buying jeans, try them on and ask the sales associate if they look good on you. They know the product, the different fits and most will give you an honest answer.

If you’re buying online, same thing. When you get them, try them on and ask a friend or significant other how they look. They need to not only look good but they need to feel good. Don’t compromise – return them if they don’t feel right because you’re not going to wear them. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve bought a pair of jeans and then rarely wore them and I wonder to myself, why the hell did I ever buy these. In the donate pile they go. If I’m not going to wear them, no need to clutter up my closet.

Bonus tip:

When shopping for jeans try and find ones that have some stretch in them. Read the label. They are typically 98% cotton and 2% spandex. That little bit of stretch just makes them so much more comfortable. I suggest washing brand new jeans before wearing them. It will remove some of the dye that is used during the manufacturing process. Make sure to turn them inside out, wash in cold water and you are good to go.

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