Fine Men's Grooming Products  - We offer excellent choices in various price ranges. There are a lot of great companies and artisans out there and we are constantly looking to add new products that we believe our customers will enjoy. Men have never had so many great choices. We are passionate about men's grooming and hope that you enjoy some fantastic products to stay sharp, look handsome and feel better!

We treat all of our customers like family. We carefully prepare and ship your goods by the next business day. We know what it's like to wait for mail call. Our commitment is that your entire experience is a positive one. If it's not, we'll correct it. 

Your orders ship out of Toronto, Canada.

Thank you for your support - Bob Roman and Team Mature Gents

What our customers say about us.


Good Afternoon Bob,

JUST WOW ! I wanted to thank you for the amazing customer service you provided.
The packaging was perfect, your follow-up is on point, and the whole process was surprisingly fast as I already received my package.
I do really appreciate the face scrub sample that was include in my package, Since I really needed one.
I do not know yet If the products I bought suit me though,
But anyway you can be sure I will buy again with your company with no doubt. 
Thanks, Kevin


Hi Bob,

Your responsive and attentive customer service has made it easy to return to your store. 
Thank you for providing Canadians with access to so many great home-brewed products. 
You should be proud of the quality of service you provide.
I hope your company continues to grow and wish you the best of luck in your business! - Adrian

I just wanted to say I really appreciate the email.  I found your
company by accident online and was impressed with the sale you had.
Having someone contact me to thank me for the business and to see if I
have any questions is really amazing in this day and age.  I look
forward to ordering from your company in the future. - Michael Corradetti


Thanks for the follow up Bob.
Great products!!! Will be ordering from you again.
Fantastic customer service and fast shipping.
Will let my friends know about you.
Much appreciated. - David44
 Hi Bob, Just received the package. Everything was in order and it was packed amazingly. 
Fantastic, speedy service. I will not hesitate to order from you again in the future and will review accordingly. Best regards, Mackenzie
Hi Bob, Thanks for reaching out. Appreciate the email and the quick shipping.
I will be ordering again from you based on the service and product selection. Thanks! Justin