Artius Man means "Complete Man" the Artius Man team is also bearded.  We believe a beard completes the man, creates a manly man and frankly, looks awesome! We are men. But, we’re not like every other man out there and neither are you… See, like you, we care about what we put in and on our bodies. Sadly, the men's grooming industry doesn’t always have our best interests in mind. They want our money but the products aren’t always geared towards our well-being of mind and body. Nope, often this industry is padded with dollars and bottom line thinking and it means in many instances, low-quality products with terrible ingredients at high prices.

We Bring Change

We want to change all of that. We want to bring you the best and purest products possible. We source numerous high-quality, natural and organic ingredients and we use them in our products.

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Artius Man BEARD OIL Humidor
Artius Man BEARD OIL Mountain Air
Artius Man BEARD OIL Restoration Agarwood
Artius Man BEARD OIL Winter's Chill
Artius Man BEARD BUTTER 3 Wood