Bamboo Soap Dish

$10.95 CAD

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Bamboo Soap Dish

Our minimalist soap dish will keep your soaps, shampoos or conditioners in place on your sink or shower while draining excess moisture and allowing the soap to dry quickly and last longer. Why did we choose bamboo? Because it is the fastest growing plant on earth. It’s also a very durable and lightweight wood, which is essential for your zero-waste beauty routine.


  • Soap holder made of resistant and light bamboo wood, an essential for the ecological bathroom
  • Biodegradable soap holder that drains quickly and thus helps extend the life of your soaps unlike glass or ceramic models.
  • No unnecessary packaging: sold without a cardboard box.
  • A good way to introduce the whole family to ecological practices

Maintenance: Take a small brush with water and clean entire surface sometimes. Put it outside in direct sunlight for around 2 hours and keep it as dry as possible.