Beard Octane BEARD WASH LCW Nitro

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by Beard Octane

Lather Conditioning Wash - Nitro

The days of making your beard feel like a bunch of porcupine quills after a shower are finally over.  For too long, men have used shampoos in order to clean their facial fur, leaving their beards dry.  This is because shampoos can commonly contain detergents which are great for cleaning your hair, but can remove natural oils needed to keep your beard soft.  To combat this, bearded maniacs across the world began washing their beards with conditioners, or what is now commonly referred to as "Co-Wash" or "Co-Washing".  Well, at Beard Octane, we do what we always do and took the art of beard washing to the next level. 

Beard Octane is proud to introduce it's Lather Conditioning Wash!  Beard Octane's Lather Conditioning Wash (LCW) is specifically designed to moisturize, lather and cleanse your beard like no other.  LCW will devour your beard entirely with its heavy Lathering properties, force-feeding it with moisture throughout.  After using LCW, your beard will feel incredibly soft and refreshed.  Once dry, simply follow it with some Beard Octane Beard Oil for the win! 


LATHER:  Heavy

WASH:  Medium - Heavy

SCENT STRENGTH:  Light - Medium

SCENT PROFILE:  Hints of Blueberries, Vanilla & Freshly Ground Coffee Beans


  • Act as a Beard Wash and/or Shampoo
  • Clean Your Beard w/o Stripping Natural Oils
  • Moisturize Your Beard
  • Soften Your Beard
  • Make Your Beard Feel Majestic

PACKAGING: LCW comes packaged in a 8 ounce plastic bottle with a twist top. 

Made in USA