Lathr BAR SOAP - Lavender Patchouli

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by Lathr

Bar Soap - Lavender Patchouli 

Scent profile: Immerse yourself in the soothing blend of lavender and patchouli essential oils, transporting you to a serene oasis of relaxation with every lather. 

The ultimate pampering experience with our Lavender Patchouli All-Natural Soap, meticulously crafted to elevate your daily cleansing ritual to new heights!

But that's not all – our soap boasts a touch of gentle grit, providing a luxurious exfoliating experience that leaves your skin feeling irresistibly smooth and rejuvenated. 🛁✨ Experience the perfect balance of cleansing and nourishment as the natural ingredients work their magic to cleanse away impurities without stripping your skin of its essential moisture.

Treat yourself to the finest in natural skincare and transform your daily shower routine into a spa-like indulgence. Embrace the power of nature with our Lavender Patchouli All-Natural Soap and unveil the radiant glow of healthy, refreshed skin. 


Get bold and LATHR up with our natural men's soap, use daily. For all skin types.

Keep your soap bar dry after each use with a self draining soap saver dish. Bar will last 2x or more longer.

Grit Level: Light Grit

Size: 5 oz / 145 gr

IngredientsSaponified Oils of Olive, Palm*, and Coconut, Shea Butter, Kaolin Clay, Fragrance, Frankincense Oil, Mica. (Sustainable Palm Oil)Made in Canada