Mature Gents CANDLE Tropical Summer NEW!

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by Mature Gents

Coconut Soy Wax Candle -  Tropical Summer  12 oz

Scent profile: 

Top: Orange Peel, Fuji Apple, Lemon Zest, Bergamot
Bay Rum, Golden Pineapple, Coconut
Base: Blonde Woods, Dark Berries

Now your space can smell as good as you do.

Escape to a sun-drenched paradise with the Tropical Summer Candle by Mature Gents. Expertly crafted to capture the essence of a perfect summer day, this luxurious candle blends vibrant citrus, exotic fruits, and warm, woody notes, creating an inviting and refreshing atmosphere. Ideal for the modern gentleman, Tropical Summer is your key to transforming any space into a tropical haven.

Scent Profile:

  • Top Notes: Orange Peel, Fuji Apple, Lemon Zest, Bergamot – The fragrance opens with a lively burst of fresh citrus and fruity notes. Experience the tangy zest of orange peel and lemon, combined with the crisp sweetness of Fuji apple and the aromatic lift of bergamot.
  • Mid Notes: Bay Rum, Golden Pineapple, Coconut – As the candle burns, the heart notes reveal a captivating blend of spicy bay rum, succulent golden pineapple, and creamy coconut, evoking the carefree vibe of a tropical beach getaway.
  • Base Notes: Blonde Woods, Dark Berries – The fragrance deepens with the warm, woody aroma of blonde woods and the rich, luscious scent of dark berries, adding a sophisticated and lasting finish to the experience.

Why Choose Tropical Summer Candle?

  • Premium Coconut Soy Wax Blend
  • Premium Fragrance Blends
  • Lead Free Cotton Wick
  • Phthalate & Paraben Free
  • Handcrafted in Canada

Experience the Bliss:

Light the Tropical Summer Candle by Mature Gents and let its invigorating fragrance transport you to a sunlit paradise. Perfect for creating a bright and cheerful ambiance, this candle is an essential addition to any gentleman's collection. Allow the delightful blend of orange peel, bay rum, blonde woods, and more to infuse your space with the essence of summer. Illuminate your moments with the vibrant elegance of Tropical Summer.

Size: 12 oz / 340 gr Library Glass Jar with Lid

Safe Burning Tips: Never allow candle to burn while unattended. Keep out of reach of small children and pets. Allow candle to cool completely before handling. Always burn candle on a heat resistant and level surface. Do not burn around flammable materials.

Keep the wick trimmed to 1/4" or .6 cm. Keep wax free of any foreign debris. Never burn more than 4 hours at a time. Keep away from drafts. Discontinue use when only 1/2" or 1.25 cm of wax remains. 

Made in Canada