Uppercut Deluxe CLEAR SHAVE GEL

$23.00 CAD

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by Uppercut Deluxe

Clear Shave Gel

Uppercut Deluxe Clear Shave Gel provides a transparent, smooth glide for a precise shave. This lightweight and hydrating gel is ideal for oily and normal skin types. Packed with anti-irritant, cooling and soothing ingredients to ensure your skin is well protected.

  • Quick and easy to use
  • Transparent gel for precision when shaving
  • Contains Cucumber and Green Tea extracts for a cooling shave
  • Ideal for oily and normal skin types

Fragrance: Cyprus & Cedar
Skin Type: Oily and Normal Skin
Usage: Suitable for everyday use

Widely celebrated in the skin care industry. Beneficial healing and soothing effects on stressed skin. It supports the regeneration of damaged skin cells by promoting cell proliferation and modulating the inflammatory response.

Cucumber Extract
A skin conditioning agent with soothing, cooling and astringent properties. It binds moisture, aids in removing dead skin cells, refines pores and balances skin’s oil.

Green Tea Extract
Provides anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, and skin brightening effects.

Size: 4 oz / 120 ml 

 Made in Australia